Welcome to my website!

Here you can find information about me, my interests, my education, jobs I've held, projects that I'm working on, and anything else that I decide is interesting enough to put on here.

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I try to make myself as available as possible, so you can follow me on these sites:
I'm pretty much all over the net. Just search for lb.laboon or LBlaboon. That's usually what my username is.

Other Stuff

I hope you all enjoy the current look of my site. As you can see, it's inspired quite a bit by Tron (thanks to Jeff Bell for the cool Tron font).

If anyone should find a mistake somewhere on this site, feel free to let me know and maybe I'll fix it eventually. Examples of mistakes include typos, buttons not working, mis-aligned content, pages not loading, your computer spontaneously combusting, a horde of wild gremlins coming out of your monitor and attacking you, etc.

If for whatever reason you happen to take an arrow to the knee while viewing this site, please don't hesitate to tell uninterested people around you about the things you used to do before that happened.